Coastal Invasive Species Committee


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Welcome to the Coastal Invasive Species Committee

Coastal Invasive Species Committee (Coastal ISC) partners represent diverse stakeholders throughout Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

 Our Mission:

The Coastal ISC takes a leadership role to reduce the negative impacts of invasive alien species by:

  • Outreach and education: Working with community members, local governments, First Nations, industry, land managers, and others to exchange information and raise awareness about the impacts from, and management of, invasive alien species.
  • Collaboration: Promoting efficient, cooperative management of invasive alien species. 
  • Advice: Providing advice and building capacity to manage invasive alien species.
  • Management: Providing services to manage invasive alien species.
  • Support: Seeking funding and other support to achieve the vision.

We are one of 17 Regional Weed Committees throughout the Province

Our Service Area encompasses:

  • 9 Regional Districts
  • 34 Municipalities
  • 57 First Nation Groups